Mike Mchugh Live at Majestic Ventura Theater
Music from Santa Barbara producer & multi instrumentalist Mike Mchugh includes:

• GrooveShine
• DJ QuestionMark
• Soul Spaceship
• Coyotes and Bourbon

GrooveShine combines acoustic-based songwriting with funk, reggae, and hip hop rhythms. As a prolific songwriter, beatmaker and DJ, Mike has merged favorite genres to create a unique sound and style of musical production. GrooveShine joins the energy of acoustic rock with hip hop production techniques and multi-influenced beats. GrooveShine performs regularly in Santa Barbara and Southern California. GrooveShine Website

Album Review

Coyotes and Bourbon
“This Santa Barbara-produced album of ‘acoustic groove’ fits perfectly between our sandy shores and craggy peaks. This debut makes us way too excited for what else might be coming from McHugh”
Santa Barbara Independent

DJ QuestionMark
“The mysterious side project of Coyotes and Bourbon mastermind Mike Mchugh, this faceless music maker has managed to blend reggae roots, techno funk, hip-hop beats, and a variety of guest vocalists”
Santa Barbara Independent

Coyotes and Bourbon
“Mike McHugh’s ever changing solo project straddles the line between acoustic-fueled Jack Johnson surf rock and funky hip hop a la Beck. Whatever category you care to shove him into, McHugh has a personality and a sound that can never truly be defined.”
Santa Barbara Independent

DJ QuestionMark
Mike’s spacey alter-ego is also the host of Live Roots TV (Ch 17 Santa Barbara & Ch 6 Ventura). This interplanetary groove messenger shares roots, rock and reggae with the Central California coast.

As DJ QuestionMark’s earthly musical facilitator, Mchugh creates extraterrestrially-inspired grooves that draw from hip hop, acoustic groove, reggae, house, rock, African and Latin rhythms.  Original drum loops, guest vocalists and live instrumentation combine with native-spirit-inspired performances.

On a recent earth landing, DJ QuestionMark self-manifested behind a Walmart in Central California by combining items found around the waste removal area. His present form consists of an oscillating fan, sweatshirt, Fendi sunglasses and his identifying “?”, which was cut from recycled fabric.

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