AcoustiRagaHop is Mike’s Singer-Songwriter compilation which will be released in 2012. Includes music representative of Mike’s live solo performance. With rhythms from hip hop, reggae, world beat and acoustic groove, AcoustiRagaHop features singer-songwriter based songs from all projects. Download full resolution (320K) compilation albums at Download Page.

Songwriter playlist

Individual MP3s — click to play • right-click to download
> Four Kisses from Lily acoustic groove
> Move the beat reggae
> Soul Light hip hop rock groove
> Dear Lady groove rock hop
> Leave it Alone hip hop jazz rock
> All the ways of Love acoustic groove
> Some are harder to let go feat. John Ajao – reggae
> Blue Eyeliner acoustic groove
> Burning Babylon afro groove hop
> Too Beautiful groove rock hop
> Soul Spaceship funk hop
> Dear Lady – house version latin house
> Ammunition reggae
> Shine on (she will) rock hop
> Attack of the White Trash Pagans acoustic groove
> Last One Down (across the ozone) rock hop
> Hawaiian Hot Mollie groove rock
> It’s Allright acoustic rock
> Long Girl rock hop
> So Cold Maria – remix acoustic rock hop
> Jah Come acoustic groove
> Sweet Sweet Woman acoustic blues
> Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Tongues acoustic rock

Additional musicians:
Brian Smith – drums – Hawaiian Hot Mollie, It’s Allright
Corey Linberg – bass – Hawaiian Hot Mollie; vocals – Blue Eyeliner, Four Kisses from Lily; lead guitar – Blue Eyeliner
Dana Anton – vocals – Sweet sweet woman
Dave Brogan – drums – Four Kisses from Lily, Blue Eyeliner, So Cold Maria, Attack
Dean Hutchinson – bass – Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Tongues
Doug Jaffee – harmonica – Attack
Duncan Carling – lead guitar – Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Tongues
Dizzy – keyboards – Soul Light
Jaime Guzman – vocals – So Cold Maria
Jess Goldman – vocals – Four Kisses from Lily, Hawaiian Hot Mollie
Jon Willis – drums – Some are harder to let go
John Ajao – vocals – Some are harder to let go
Karina Line – vocals – Hawaiian Hot Mollie, So Cold Maria
Mark Quinn Drums – Too Beautiful, Long Girl
Matt Sather – drums – Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Tongues
Paull E. Rubin – lead guitar – Hawaiian Hot Mollie, Attack
Pius aka Higher Lion – drums – Burning Babylon
Rami Jaffee – keyboards – All the Ways of Love, Hawaiian Hot Mollie, It’s Allright, Sweet sweet woman, So Cold Maria
Rebecca Kleinmann – flute – Attack
Skooter Williams – bass – Soul Light, Too Beautiful, Dear Lady
Steve Adams – bass – Four Kisses from Lily, Blue Eyeliner, Attack
Zach Gill – keyboards – Four Kisses from Lily, Blue Eyeliner

All songs ©2012 Mchugh with artists per songs except:

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